10 The most interesting facts about the Lion

The lion is a powerful animal that is also known as the “King of the Animals“. This night he has received because of his behavior. The main feature of the lion is the proud pride.

Readsomefacts.com brings to you the 10 most interesting facts about the lion, which you did not know.

Read 10 interesing facts about Lion

1. These big cat live and boast of their groups of 10 to 15 members. Lions are usually very protective of their little ones.

2. The lion’s roar is very loud and powerful that it can be heard up to 8 kilometers away.

3. Lioness are the ones that go on hunting, while lions play the role of defender by controlling and patrolling their area, which they preserve with pride.

4. An average lion needs 7 kilograms of meat a day, while a lioness needs to consume about 5 kilograms of meat a day.

5. If held in circuses or hostage by people, the lion can live for up to 25 years, while in the wild environment he lives from 12 to 16 years.

6. Lions are reluctant to go hunting. This is what makes a woman, a lioness. But if ever the lion faces any other animal, because of the great pride he does not like the competition and is likely to be too big to try to kill his food predators or a rival animal.

7. Lioness usually hunt Deers, buffalo, elephants. But also, they attack the hyena when we are left without food.

8. It takes two full years of lioness to grow up in hunting.

9. The average speed that lions can reach is up to 81 kilometers per hour.

10. If you play the lead, the leader of the flock is killed, the rival who kills him kills all the puppies of the flock.


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