10 facts that make Sweden special from other countries

We have often heard about socio-economic goods from Nordic countries where Sweden is almost always referred to as a state that brings different opportunities for all residents living there.
Of the many things we can not summarize with one place, we have decided to bring you some interesting facts about Sweden.

1. Since 1800 the shrimp (kräftskiva) has been known in Sweden. Fishermen in 2013 have caught 186,000 kg, most of which were eaten at the traditional celebration in August.

2. In Sweden there are 20,000 inhabitants of the Sami minority, where since 1993 they have their own parliament and in 2000 the Sami language was officially accepted.

3. Every day in 313 IKEA furniture stores around the world, around 1,836,000 meatballs were eaten, mostly eaten by Germans, as they are also the frequent frequent attendance of this retail store network.

4. Since 1901, 561 Nobel prizes have been awarded, the prize is the legacy of Alfred Nobel’s dynamite inventor.

5. In Sweden, 48% of energy production comes from renewable sources. where nearly 95% of it comes from hydropower plants.

6. Suedia has won 625.5 Olympic medals where 475.5 come from summer Olympic games and 150 out of the winter ones. A gold medal is shared with Denmark.

7. Every month, around 993,000 kg of food waste is collected every month from Stockholm, and this food turns into fuel (gasoline) producing 115,000 m3 which is used by Stockholm buses and taxis as fuel.

8.Sweden has about 9.7 million people, of whom 23% are under the age of 20 and 15% are born in another country, follows GSh.

9. Approximately 300,000 to 400,000 deer wander through Swedish forests, despite the fact that 100,000 are killed during the annual hunt involving some 250,000 people.

10. Swedish spouses have the right to use 480 days of paid child care allowance, where 60 days are reserved for dads.

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