10 strangest diplomats of the world

Until the 1980s, going to the University was a security for the future. Even the choice of a faculty not very “hit” ultimately provided a dignified entrance into the world of work and allowed to improve social and family status. Today is no longer so
Young people suffer this insecurity and even more parents suffer, who try to orient their children towards the most sought-after faculties in the market. But there is also something else. Had you ever imagined that there is a study branch for fish psychology, but for flower vendors? Below is the list of strangest study courses. Are there those who choose these branches, of course, as long as they exist. One question arises naturally: what did they have in mind when making this choice ?!

Master in Livestock Growth

Going to the university with muddy clothes is not normal unless you attend “Texas A & M Kingsville University Ranch Management”. The University offers the first study program for animal growers and keepers. The one that had long been a profession passed by the father, his son has now become very sophisticated, so much that it is necessary for a great academic background.


Glamorgan University in England offers you a degree in astrobiology, which will equip you with the knowledge and tools to seek life beyond the earth. So if the pursuit of aliens is your favorite hobby, start seriously taking this opportunity.

Degree for selling flowers

We bet you did not know that to work as a flower shop you need a diploma. Perhaps no need, but that does not mean you can not specialize in this field. Career opportunities are just a step away from you. This opportunity is offered by the “Mississippi State University” university.

Degree for a professional nanny

Sullivan University in Louisville offers a study program for the formation of professional nurses, trained to work in private residences, nursing centers, clinics, pediatric hospitals, and so on. It’s a perfect career for those girls who have been babysitting to all neighbors’ kids and now want to earn more than $ 2 a hour.

Course on sport administration

Graduates in this discipline are ready for the leader’s position in non-profit organizations that are growing like mushrooms everywhere: are sports schools that use physical activity to socialize their children and

teach them religion and belief. This course, for those interested, takes place at Campbellsville University.

Master for Adventurous Activities

Do you like snowboarding, diving, mountaineering or rafting? If the answer is yes, then you should consider doing what you like as a job. Green Mountain College in Vermont offers a detailed program of adventurous activities, which aims to systematize graduates in many vacancies in outdoor activities.

Course for golf and sports management on the lawn

The fact that you are not able to play football does not mean you can not do your job. The proposed Mississippi University course will prepare you for a brilliant career as a golf club administrator or school sports center, swimming pool, and so on. Graduates in this discipline find work in 90% of the cases.

Degree in comedy, writing and recitation

This graduation course probably requires a great sense of humor as a condition for admission. The Humber College in Canada offers this program to help students with this flair manage their target goals and learn the use of commercial business. Students learn to stay on stage, to improvis and everything else.

Master in Biological Agriculture

Biological products account for 2.5% of all food and beverages sold in the world and

consumption has increased by 20% a year since 1990. This makes biological cultivations very attractive from a commercial point of view. The course offered at Washington University is the first in the world of this type.

Science and management of fish

This master is offered by Colorado University and focuses on growth techniques

of fish. If that is not enough, the fish psychology course will help you to better understand the red fish you have in the room.

Doctorate for UFO

But perhaps the oddest and most digital diploma (videogames) recently is the Doctor of Philosophy of Uphology acquired by Martin Plowman at Melbourne University in Australia. Culture and communication of students specializing in the history of UFO culture and the philosophy that hold those who claim to have been abducted by UFOs despite being skeptical. PhDs are known for their important contribution to this new field and Ploughman has gathered all of his research into a new book.

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