Scientific facts about friendship

“Everyone who has a friend has a treasure” – this phrase can be a lot truer than you think. In studying friendly relationships, scientists have found shocking facts about how we experience emotional relationships with friends and how, since we are nine months old, we come to understand the concept of friendship.

In honor of beautiful friendships, the Huffington Post has realized the list of 10 true facts you did not know about friendship. Here’s what science has to say about friendship.

Men and women can not be friends

Think you have a close friend of the opposite sex? After reading this you will rethink it. A study by the University of Wisconsin in America states that friendship between a man and a woman is a phenomenon of tales, because it is impossible to overcome moments of seduction and sexual tension.

Scientists have studied 88 couples of opposite sex friends and concluded that men were more physically and sexually attracted by their female friends.

Animals have friends as well

Plot videos on You Tube where you can see animals play with each other even though they belong to different species do not match the criteria of friendships, such as sacrifices for each other and the sharing of painful moments. However, some species such as chimpanzees, baboons, horses, jams, elephants and dolphins can create everlasting friendships with another species.

We are sensitive to our friends

The ability to enter into another’s shoes is a human characteristic, but with our friends, this skill passes to another level. A group of researchers at the University of Virginia has studied 22 different people who were under the threat of getting a small electric shock for themselves, a friend or a stranger.

Scientists have discovered that a person’s brain activity at risk, compared to brain activity when a friend is in danger, is essentially the same. “This is because the friends become part of us,” said James Coan, psychologist and leader of the study.

We are jealous of friends

If someone considers you a close friend, do you feel the same or not? A group of psychologists from the University of Pennsylvania has studied friendly ties and concluded that people appreciate more friends who consider them to be very valuable. People are jealous beings and the way our friend treats us is very important to us. People expect to get from their friend just as they give.

Society is guaranteed when …

Knowing what irritates your friend can make a more stable and less frustrated connection. According to Charity Feiesen from the University of Canada, knowing what makes your friend nervous and what he likes, maintains a stable and strong friendship.

Men and women perceive society differently

Friendships are very important, especially for women. For men, according to a study conducted in 2012 by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health in London, family ties are more important.

Scientists have conducted a study with 6500 men born in 1958 and concluded that marriage is better for male mental health and strengthens family ties. However, the opposite was to women, they consider the very important friendship.

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