Learn three natural recipes to remove herpes

The appearance of herpes is caused by the presence of a virus called Herpes Simplex 1 and if your body does not carry this virus you will never suffer from the latter!

It takes about a week for herpes to disappear, but we will show you some natural recipes below to accelerate their healing

1. Corn starch

Applying a simple paste of corn starch and a little water directly on shingles will accelerate the healing of the wound.

2. The aloe vera gel

Covering the area affected by the aloe vera virus will calm the inflammation, absorb the shingles of herpes, causing it to disappear without a trace within a few days. Lubricate several times a day to see the desirable results.

3. Vanilla

Applying a vanilla extract directly onto herpes with the aid of a cotton bud accelerates the healing of the latter.

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